Our Team & Strength

Our Team

When technology becomes glamorous like IT, there's a danger of people related with it getting detached from ground reality and creating ivory towers around them. Solutions coming from them also reflect this detachment and as a result, only a superficial understanding of the clients'needs and businesses. At JJIT, this 'ivory tower syndrome' is non-existent. Having worked our way from the grass-root level, we always maintain a strong bond with the ground reality. Combining this thorough understanding with the state-of-the-art technology, we provide solutions that are at the same time, superior, innovative, practical and relevant.

Our Strength

Firm Foundation : Strong domain knowledge that helps us understand and analyse customer needs and in turn enhances our speed and quality in development customization, technical support.
Technical Excellence : Skillsets as diverse as required in the market to enhance productivity and faster Service.
Banking Domain Knowledge : Presence of Banking personnel and Board members with Financial background
Innovative Ideas : Workshops and lectures to support capabilities and to enhance self-reliance.
State-of the-art set-up : With complete, modern infrastructure and facilities.
Employee Knowledge empowerment Programs

About Us

Jalgaon Janata Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was established in February, 1997. Today it is one of the leading Banking Software Company in the state of Maharashtra.

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